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The Essentials - Screenplay [unformatted]

48 Hour SLATE RATINGS Green Screen CUE - 405 STUDIO Intro CUE - 222 NARRATION (V.O.) There is a 48th dimension beyond that which is known to filmmakers. It is a dimension as vast as one space and as timeless as two todays. EXT. DREARY ROAD - NIGHT A lone road is spotlighted by faint street lights as it ducks around the corner into the dark. NARRATION (V.O.) It is the middle ground between day and night, between screenplays and movie magic… EXT. BEHIND THE BACKYARD - CONTINUOUS From the backyard, a MALE in his mid teens, is spotted playing video games inside his home. NARRATION (V.O.) ...and it lies between the lense of camera’s tears, and the ISO of its sensor. INT. NIGHT OF THE LIVING ROOM - CONTINUOUS CUE - 412 Two feet cross the threshold of a doorway slowly revealing a young FEMALE in her late teens, stepping through the corridor in a ‘deadful’ yawn. [Clip 1 - 0:00] NARRATION (V.O.) This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call...The Essentials Zone. EXT. BEHIND THE BACKYARD - CONTINUOUS An ominous presence scampers towards the back sliding door. CUE - 413 SOUND - WIND / LOW GROANING INT. NIGHT OF THE LIVING ROOM - CONTINUOUS The sound of the wind startles the FEMALE out of her extensive yawn. Her and the male playing video games on the couch look towards the back door. Leaning close to the glass, the female and male meet at the back door turning on the light; nothing there. [CLIP 3 - 0:00] NARRATOR steps in from behind them. NARRATION The time is now. The place: Modern suburbia. The answer for all equates to social distancing. The characters? Siblings before an uneventful, boring night. Alien to their own comfort zones yet essential change needed for the day we reach two-morrows. The siblings cross in front of the Narrator. MALE Oy! What was that? FEMALE I don’t know but I am not waiting here to find out. EXT. THE FRONT EXIT - CONTINUOUS The siblings swing open the front door almost stumbling out. They catch themselves retreating back inside closing the door behind them. INT. THE FRONT EXIT - CONTINUOUS FEMALE What the bloody inferno was that? MALE I’m like 42% sure that it is definitely a zombie. FEMALE Zombie? MALE FACTS. The male looks out the peep-hole. MALE And it looks like he has a case of that corona stuff. EXT. THE FRONT EXIT - CONTINUOUS CORONA MAN lays flat on his stomach across the front entryway with a case of CORONA BEERS tucked under his arm. MONTAGE The siblings throw RANDOM things at ‘Corona Man’ attempting to wake him up. [CLIP 4 - 0:20] They poke him with a BROOM. SOUND - DEADLY GROANS They slam the door shut. FEMALE (O.S.) (from behind the door) We gotta find a way outta here! INT. MONTAGE ESCAPE ATTEMPTS / FRONT / GARAGE - CONTINUOUS Male teaching female how to act like a zombie; she walks away. [CLIP 6 - 0:30] GARAGE Garage door lifts open enough for someone to slide under. FRONT Male cracks open door. GARAGE Female ducks under the garage door looking to see if the coast is clear. SOUND - GROANING She gathers herself and rolls under the garage door. EXT. INDIE ESCAPE TO CAR - CONTINUOUS She darts straight into the nearby CAR slamming the door to any menace looming around. I/E. START YOUR ENGINES GETAWAY - CONTINUOUS The female sits in the driver seat closing the door behind her peeking out the window. FEMALE For sure there, I thought I was a goner. MALE (O.S.) (from behind her) Righto, mate. The female is startled. FEMALE How do you bloody get her so quickly!? MALE What’s the matter? N’ver taken a shortcut before? [CLIP 5 - 0:10] EXT. THE FRONT EXIT - EARLIER Male acts like a zombie passed the ‘Corona Man’. [CLIP 6 - 1:25] I/E. START YOUR ENGINES GETAWAY - NOW Female shakes her head at the male looking towards the ‘Front Exit’. FEMALE Well where is the mate now? Male quits smirking pointing towards the empty place where ‘Corona Man’ once lied motionless. The siblings look at each other petrified. They ease their gaze to the back seat. They quickly look; nothing there. They turn back. MALE Let’s crank this carriage and high tail before these bridges start falling down soiled. The female nods looking at the male worried that ‘cars normally do not start on these occasions.’ She edges her finger towards the ignition switch-- MONTAGE - LEADING UP TO EVENT SOUND - CRESCENDO CUT TO BLACK: SOUND - ENGINE STARTS I/E. START YOUR ENGINES GETAWAY - CONTINUOUS The siblings sigh and share a quick laugh. The female puts the car in reverse. She turns back to reverse out of the driveway looking out the rear window. The female hesitates. The male notices and peeks back at her hesitation. SOUND - THE SIBLINGS SCREAM Behind them in the car’s rear-camera view, a figure runs up on the camera. CUT TO BLACK: NARRATION (O.S.) You unlock this door with the key of imagination. SOUND - TIRES SCREECHING EXT. DREARY ROAD - CONTINUOUS The car peels off down a dreary road into the distance. The Narrator steps into frame breaking the fourth-wall: NARRATION Really? I’m just a figment of your imagination. The Narrator holds up a NEURALYZER towards the audience. She takes out a pair of SUNGLASSES from her pocket and puts them on. NARRATION God, we’re a gullible breed. The Narrator smiles and cocks their head to the side slightly and presses the neuralyzer’s button--FLASH! SOUND - FADING FAMILIAR TONE LEGEND - Coming soon… FADE TO BLACK: SOUND - LAUGHTER

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