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Entranet Dimensia - Screenplay [unformatted]

FADE IN: EXT. BRIDGE OF RITE - DAY A female, in her late teens, breathes heavily while lying on her back on a bridge. She looks off into the sky defeated. FEMALE (V.O.) ...and after him, every Great Chief chosen every 20 years thereafter will die. Clouds roll by casually. FEMALE (V.O.) And when each one dies, let everyone remember... A male figure, with an ASIAN RICE HAT, enters the view with arms fully extended smothering the frame. CUT TO BLACK: FEMALE (V.O.) ...the death of my People. LEGEND: “...the death of my People.” -The Prophet, Tenskwatawa [Native Folklore] TITLE: Entranet Dimensia INT. COMPUTER DOJO - EARLIER THAT DAY ANTENNETTE NASAN, the female dressed in the same attire as before, sits at a table surfing the internet on a LAPTOP. On her screen, Antennette watches a STREAMING VIDEO CLIP of the planets Jupiter and Saturn aligning in space. ANTENNETTE (to herself) God and the devil line dancing, celebrating every 20 years. She opens a side window and begins logging into her email. She types her authentication, and clicks login. She opens the first email and a VIDEO CLIP begins to play automatically [computer virus]. MALE VIDEO (O.S.) (from computer) ...and signing the TPP in 2015 set off the World with what was believed to be in unity. Antennette’s attention is momentarily hooked by the male in the video clip. She turns up the volume on the laptop. A male CONSPIRACY THEORIST begins yelling into the 4th wall. MALE VIDEO Presidential terms damned every 20 years due to their political involvement. Antennette drinks from a WATER BOTTLE. MALE VIDEO (O.S.) (from computer) Global water consumption will increase in the next 20 years. Antennette puts down the water bottle slowly suspicious. MALE VIDEO And the craziest thing is in 20 years we will be dealing with the enterprise of internal dimensional dementia. Antennette is fed up with the nonsense from the video clip and tries to exit out of it; the computer freezes due to the virus. She slams the laptop closed and stands. REVERSE MOTION JUXTAPOSITION: INT. BEDROOM BOX OF DESTINY - CONTINUOUS Antennette sits on the edge of her bed holding a YELLOW BOX and sets it on top of her lap. She opens the lid; a light, from inside the box, shines on her face. Her eyes widen. She slowly closes the box lid. She looks off in the distance. SOUND - GIRL GRUNTS FIGHTING INT. COMPUTER DOJO SHADOW BOX - CONTINUOUS Antennette practices her KATAS as her shadow casts upon a nearby wall. She focuses on her shadow on the wall inspecting her technique. A RICE-HATTED SHADOW appears on the wall boxing her shadow. She stops her training and quickly looks to see who is at her side. No one is there. She checks back on her wall for the shadow. The rice-hatted shadow dissolves leaving her shadow alone. Antennette looks to her side sternly. IMAGE MASS JUXTAPOSITION: EXT. ROOT PATHWAY - CONTINUOUS Poker-faced, Antennette looks at the path she came from. Desolate path. She turns away from the path facing the way before her. Antennette continues walking down the path with the yellow box in hand. She squints passed the dense foliage of the treeline. Peering down the swindling path, Antennette spots a BRIDGE. At the base of the bridge, a female paints a PORTRAIT of the bridge. Cautiously advancing, Antennette tucks the yellow box away under her arm like an american football. SOUND - CACKLING FEMALE LAUGH IN THE DISTANCE / COINS CLINGING PUROGURAMU, a blind female oracle dressed in a DARK CLOAK, paints the bridge in front of them inframed by a recognizable WINDOWS ICON. PUROGURAMU I am yet a program in the process. Antennette stares at Puroguramu as she passes by her and her art. PUROGURAMU (O.S.) There really is a meaningful probability every 20 years or so, with lots of… Puroguramu picks up a COIN PURSE from the ground and counting the contents with her finger still looking away in the distance blindly. PUROGURAMU ...World travel, that one of these... Antennette keeps her eyes Puroguramu. PUROGURAMU (O.S.) ...viruses will come along. Puroguramu stops counting for a moment. PUROGURAMU Expend 10 million to save one, or expend 1 to save millions? Puroguramu laughs continuing to finger count her coin purse. PUROGURAMU (CONT’D) Upon arrival to the otherside, set away your greedy pride. Puroguramu pulls a COIN from her purse showing it to Antennette. PUROGURAMU (CONT’D) Pay the price to keep the others at ease. When violence fails, there’s always a peace. The oracle tosses the coin to Antennette. Antennette catches the coin and shrugs off the oracle’s words undermining her ‘fare’ warnings looking at the coin. PUROGURAMU (O.S.) (to herself) 5g’s radiate, bills at a gate to inject ways to concentrate. Antennette gawks at Puroguramu going off on her tangent. Puroguramu is in Antennette’s personal space. The oracle breaks the 4th wall. PUROGURAMU Pay it forward. Antennette looks at the coin, flips it in the air, and places it in her pocket. She turns her attention to the bridge. Puroguramu hums to herself as she continues to paint. SOUND - THUNDER IN THE DISTANCE EXT. FLASHING ACROSS THE BRIDGE - CONTINUOUS Stepping onto the base of the bridge, Antennette surveys the sky. She looks down and inspects the bridge in front her for any visible signs of wear and tear. The bridge suspends across a delicate stream below with no indication or risks of breaking. Still concerned, Antennette cautiously steps out onto the bridge. She reaches about a third of the way across the bridge as the wind begins to pick up slightly. SOUND - GENTLE ROLLING THUNDER Antennette looks up from the boards of the bridge to see how much is left to travel. She turns back to see how far she has traveled; Puroguramu is no longer there at the base of the bridge. SOUND - LOUD THUNDER FROM BEHIND Antennette spins around towards the direction of the thunder. RAIJIN, a male thunder god topped by an ASIAN RICE HAT, appears two thirds across the bridge facing Antennette. Looking down at the yellow box holding it tightly under he arm, Antennette lifts her sight to Raijin impeding her way. Raijin stands in silence staring back at her. He ‘presents his arms’ saluting Antennette into combat. Accepting the challenge, Antennette bites her lips and charges forward in a ramming fashion. Raijin cocks his head to the side in silent disbelief that Antennette is attacking. Bracing for the impact with Raijin, Antennette leans into her charge closing her eyes. SOUND - VICIOUS THUNDER CRACKLE FADE TO WHITE: Finger pointed forward and the other hand cupping the sky, Raijin flashes passed Antennette leaving her back flat on the bridge: shocking death touch. Q FLASHBACK ENDS: EXT. BRIDGE OF RITE - DAY Antennette breathes heavily while lying on her back on a bridge. She looks off into the sky defeated. ANTENNETTE (V.O.) ...and after him, every Great Chief chosen every 20 years thereafter will die. Clouds roll by casually. ANTENNETTE (V.O.) And when each one dies, let everyone remember... Raijin enters the view with arms fully extended smothering the frame. ANTENNETTE (V.O.) ...the death of my People. Antennette struggles to hold on to the yellow box. Getting weary, her eyes close as she lies still. SOUND - REVERSE THUNDER Antennette opens her eyes blinking in the new light. The sky is clear. She sits up undertaking the box under her arm; Raijin is gone. She rubs the yellow box in contemplation of the occurrence. She fixates her gaze across the bridge. Another female oracle, PUROSESSA, dressed in contrast to Puroguramu, paints a PORTRAIT of the bridge from the otherside. Antennette rises to her feet and advances across the bridge. EXT. THE OTHERSIDE BASE TOLL - CONTINUOUS Purosessa laughs at her painting of the bridge without the framing of the ‘Windows icon.’ PUROSESSA I am yet the process in a program. Antennette reaches the otherside and studies the painting as she casually strolls by Purosessa. Purosessa remains painting in silence. Believing she could bypass any apparent toll, Antennette turns her gaze from Purosessa to leave the area on her way-- Purosessa pops out in front of Antennette holding an empty COIN PURSE open with her two hands. PUROSESSA (CONT’D) Forward it pays. Antennette jumps back jerking the yellow box into her arms. Purosessa retreats her gesture with the coin purse. She rubs her hands together and points toward Antennette’s pocket. Antennette follows her gesture with her eyes looking down at her pocket. She pulls out the coin Purguramu gave her before crossing the bridge. Enthused, Purosessa opens the empty coin purse once more so Antennette could give her the payment for crossing the bridge to the otherside. Antennette looks at the coin and flicks it into the air. Purosessa gasps holding herself out to catch the coin if it were to fall. Antennette snatches the coin out of the air. She stares at Purosessa convinced that she has the other oracle figured out. Purosessa widens the coin purse towards Antennette pumping her hands in hopes of Antennette’s generosity. Antennette slowly places the coin in Purosessa’s coin purse. Purosessa snaps her coin purse closed. She spins around in a euphoric pirouette. Antennette watches with a creeped out look on her face. Purosessa stops in mid-dance and opens the coin purse in front of Antennette. Antennette peeks inside the coin purse expecting to see the coin. The coin purse is once again empty. Purosessa cackles at Antennette’s naiveness. Unamused, Antennette maneuvers around Purosessa. Purosessa watches Antennette walk into the nearby treeline out of sight. She flings the coin purse in the air mocking Antennette’s gesture when flicking the coin. SOUND - HEAVY COIN JINGLES WITH EVERY CATCH EXT. BEWILDERED TREELINE - CONTINUOUS Antennette turns in her tracks checking if anyone is coming up from behind her. No one is there. She continues to walk deeper into the treeline. SOUND - CROWS IN THE DISTANCE Startled, Antennette looks up scoping the treeline canopy. She pats the yellow box and continues down the path. She sees nothing unusual overhead. She wanders deeper into the forest. EXT. TOWERING TORII - CONTINUOUS A bloody, red TORII GAZEBO pierces through the treeline. Spotting the Torii gazebo, Antennette picks up her pace towards it. The Torii gazebo towers over her sheltering a darkened center under a pitched roof. Mesmerized by the manifestation of a legend before her, Antennette cracks a smile in amazement untucking the yellow box from under her arm. SOUND - CROW CAW CLOSE BY TO HER LEFT Antennette spins towards the direction of the crow caw revealing a masked male, KARASU, dressed in a suit, sitting with her under the Torii gazebo. ANTENNETTE Who are you, or what are you? And what do you want from me? SOUND - KNUCKLES CRACKING Karasu cracks his knuckles in silence. Realizing Karasu’s intentions to fight, Antennette turns and places the yellow box behind her by her feet. She turns back to face Karasu and advances to engage the fight. Karasu evades her blows moving out of her way. She quickly 180’s. Karasu is in striking range throwing a punch and stopping inches from Antennette’s nose. Antennette flinches back smacking Karasu’s hand out of her face. Karasu spins beelining towards the yellow box. Antennette stops him grabbing him by the shoulder. Karasu looks back sharply at her hand touching him. Annoyed by her diligent efforts to protect the yellow box, Karasu spins into action. Antennette steps back throwing combinations into the air as Karasu ducks around her strikes. He creates space between them stepping back with his hand raised towards her nose once again. Antennette stops in her tracks straightening up. She crosses her eyes staring at his hand in front of her face. She snarls to fend off the passive approach. Karasu plucks Antennette softly on the nose. Antennette is forcefully knocked to down by the gentle/powerful strike. Karasu postures back, straightening himself. Shaking off the attack, Antennette gleams at Karasu. Hesitantly, Karasu gives her his back to return to the yellow box with no more disturbances from her. Out matched by Karasu, Antennette sulks in confusion. He approaches the yellow box. SOUND - CROWS CAW LOUDER Antennette can only watch in pain as Karasu crouches by the yellow box. She grits attempting to stand. Karasu reaches for the yellow box slowly. Antennette harnesses all of her energy. SOUND - DOVE COO She looks towards the sky in the direction of the coo. A DOVE flaps in the wind. PUROGURAMU (V.O.) When violence fails, there’s always a peace. Antennette looks down from the heavens at Karasu. His hand grabs for the yellow box inches away-- SOUND - PROFOUND CONSTANT HUM / SUBTLE CHANT Karasu's hand stops curling his fingers into a fist. He turns around in the direction of the hum revealing Antennette sitting in her corner glowing in meditation. Karasu stands gawking at Antennette. He cocks his head to the side in disbelief. Antennette continues to hum in meditation. Karasu walks over to her looking down on her. She continues her meditation. He kneels down in front of her expecting a reaction from her. Antennette sits humming. Karasu lifts his hand inches from Antennette’s nose. She remains steadfast in meditation. He cocks his finger back to pluck her on the nose for a final blow. Antennette crosses arms with him, blocking his advances, and countering by lifting her cocked finger inches away from Karasu’s masked nose. He stares at Antennette. Her eyes remain closed still in trance. Crossing his eyes, Karasu focuses back on her finger ready to pluck. He awaits for Antennette’s next move. She plucks him on the nose sending him stumbling back across the Torii gazebo to the opposing corner. Karasu’s mask flies through the air. He falls seated on the floor of the Torii gazebo. His mask also lands on the Torii gazebo floor. SOUND - MASK HITTING FLOOR Antennette’s eyes open. She sees Karasu’s mask on the floor and gazes back across the Torii gazebo at Karasu. He masks his face with his hands shaking. He gradually cries in his hands. Antennette stands and walks to the yellow box keeping her eyes on Karasu. He cries hysterically. She slowly retrieves the yellow box and creeps over to Karasu. Antennette kneels down in front of him. She lifts her hand inches away from his hand-masked face. She extends her fingers, and peels back his fingers from his face. Karasu’s cries turn into cackling laughter. SOUND - CROWS CAW Antennette is horrified by Karasu’s appearance under the mask. Karasu lifts his head revealing an iconic ‘crow-like’ face. His laugh overwhelms the Torii gazebo. Antennette stands and starts backing up from him and his apparent dementia. She surveys the Torii gazebo for the yellow box’s place; it is located in Karasu’s corner. Karasu’s stands between Antennette with the yellow box and Karasu’s corner behind him. He stops laughing. Antennette guards the yellow box shielding it again under her arm. Karasu walks away from his corner and begins circling Antennette like a crow on the verge to feast on a decaying carcass. SOUND - CROW CAW Antennette stays focused on the yellow box’s place in her opposing corner. Karasu circles to Antennette’s ear whispering an alternate ending to her predestined mission. KARASU Placing the box in that corner cage will instantly kill 10 million to save one Great Chief… SOUND - THUNDER IN THE WAY DISTANCE KARASU (CONT’D) ...yet not placing the box in the corner cage will kill one Great Chief and save 10 million followers. Antennette loses her focus from the corner cage blinking out of it. Recognizing she is distracted, Karasu spins around Antennette once final time stopping by her side. KARASU (CONT’D) (toying) Sooooo, do you need a ride back? Antennette fixates on Karasu’s face. ANTENNETTE No thank you, I’ve found my own wings now. FADE TO BLACK: KARASU (V.O.) How useless to spread a net where every bird can see it! SOUND - CROW CAW LEGEND: “How useless to spread a net where every bird can see it!” -Proverbs 1:17

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